Our Investment Approach


The Davies Investment Group will meet with clients to clarify and quantify their investment objectives, which includes estimating their time horizon and evaluating their risk tolerance and expectations.


We provide a detailed analysis of our clients’ current financial condition. An investment strategy is then developed, utilizing state of the art technology in preparing retirement income projections, estate planning, wealth transfer, and education need analysis by working closely with the experts in the Benjamin F. Edwards home office.


Drawing from a wide selection of world-class products and services, we'll customize a financial plan. Our team will meet with our clients again and present their map for long-term financial guidance.


Once the tailored plan is adopted, we begin the implementation process. This step involves the transitioning of the financial position to meet the goals described in the investment plan. A timetable is established for the transition, in addition to other investment planning needs, if necessary.


The final step is comprised of the monitoring process. Our team believes the long-term success of every plan requires consistent review and updating, and communication is a two-way process. On a regular basis, we will review the current plans and make any adjustments necessary based on life changes or events that may have an effect on goal obtainment.